Hr Partnering

HR Partnering is an endeavor by CATS Academy India to assist our clients in managing their HR functions. As a trusted HR partner we understand and work closely with the human capital to transform them into high-performing assets. With a pool of senior HR consultants, SMEs benefit from their expert advice and specific recommendations. This involves providing the necessary competence in the areas of human resource as mentioned in the figure given below. It makes firms capable enough to deal with the human resource in the organization and to grow substantially. We provide our clients with customized solutions that are unmatched in the industry.

Organisational Structure

Defining clear Organizational Structure for identifying area of excess and less manpower after analyzing the current situation.

Goal Setting

Setting Organizational goals and deriving Departmental and Individual goals from Organizational goals.

Job Descriptions

Defining clear Job Descriptions and profiles so as to attract the best talent from the industry.

HR Policies

Defining all people related policies in a uniform, consistent way which can be communicated across entire organization

Salary and Grade Structure

Design the salary bandwidth and perquisite matrix across all hierarchical levels

Talent Acquisition

Shortlisting of candidates using employee portal made available by the client and conducting initial screening

Employee Counselling

Understanding aspirations, expectations, and challenges of employees through one to one discussions

Performance Management

Understand the current reality and design and establish a sound performance management system

Employee Engagement

Conducting team-building activities to foster the team spirit amongst the employees.

Payroll Management

Manage the monthly salary processing for all employees using state of the art payroll system

Exit Management

Handling the separation process with sensitivity and speed to transform ex-employees into organization ambassadors

Personal Files

Establish an accurate employee database by maintaining updated personal files

Benefits to the Client

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