Executive Coaching

If you are looking for the best executive coaching in Pune or business coaching in Pune, look no more!

We have helped our client to achieve extremely challenging and seemingly impossible professional goals. CATS Academy has a track record of successfully transforming senior executives through powerful coaching conversations for more than 15 years.

Key Aspects

Trust and Confidentiality




Our Approach

1 Executive Coaching is offered one to one by Certified Executive Coach

2 The first session is face to face and the rest can be also on the phone

3 It is one of the few methodologies wherein Coach acts as a sounding board and asks powerful questions

4 In the first session which is face-to-face, we set the 3 most challenging, inspiring and measurable goals

5 Various coaching tools are used during this highly focused and qualitative interaction.

6 After choosing the appropriate goals, we jointly develop strategies and prepare an action plan, which we review every 8-10 days

Target Audience

CATS Academy India has successfully completed more than 50 executive coaching assignments in India and abroad in many reputed organizations from banking, insurance, engineering, pharmaceutical, construction, healthcare, chemicals and automotive sector.

Executive coaching is all about

Setting your sight on new horizons​

Seeing things from new perspectives​

Getting valuable feedback​

Having someone believe in you and encourage you​

Benefits to Organization

Benefits to Audience

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