CATS academy India has assessed more than 1200 employees across diverse industries cutting across various hierarchical levels. Our assessment methodology is carefully selected to suit each organization's unique requirements. Additionally, we provide competency framework development and psychometric assessments and assist in preparing teams for future challenges. By leveraging our services, you can gain valuable insights into your team's strengths and areas for improvement and identify specific training needs.

Key Deliverables

Our Approach

1 We create a group of around 15-20 participants that are to be evaluated.

2 Every assessment centre is different and customized as per the hierarchy and client industry

3 We conduct Assessments in 3 different ways:-
- Completely offline (physical setup)
- Fully online(virtual)
- Blended (Partly online, partly offline)

4 Every participant undergoes various Tests, Group Discussion, Management Games, Interview, Psychometric Test, Personality Profiling, Case Study etc.

5 Each competency is assessed through 3-4 different activities

6 Various international and scientifically researched tools are used to assess the individual

Target Audience


CATS Academy India offers a comprehensive portfolio of management consulting services addressing key strategic issues and solving execution challenges at every stage of business. We have been working closely with some of the esteemed family managed businesses to enable them to

Some of the competencies which are assessed in the Management Assessment Centre

Competitive Edge: CATS Academy

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