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CATS Academy India offers a comprehensive portfolio of management consulting services addressing key strategic issues and solving execution challenges at every stage of business. We have been working closely with some of the esteemed family managed businesses to enable them to:-

  •   Establish a long term business plan

  •   Craft a powerful vision for the organization

  •   Identify current challenges

  •   Create strategies and action plan

  •   Professionalize business operations


We are adept at crafting powerful vision, mission and core values for the organizations. This is a structured and researched process of co-creation, working closely with the top management of the organization. CATS Academy India has worked with a couple of small and medium sized organizations to enable them to craft an inspiring vision, mission core values and create a "Code of Conduct". VMV (Vision- Mission-Values) workshop sets the foundation for the future of the organization and acts as a guiding star.

Target Audience:

Top management of the organization

    Our Approach

  •   Independent pre-work by participants as per the given template

  •   Overview session on vision theory to establish basis for further group work by participants

  •   Moderated brainstorming session with multiple rounds to identify core values and mission

  •   Envisioned future - breakout session to identify long term goals

  •    Finalization of Vision, Mission and Core Values for the Organizations

  •    Creation of "Code of Conduct"