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Leadership by Choice is a unique dialogue-based leadership program developed by CATS Academy India for organizations seeking consistent growth and holistic leadership development. This intervention involves great learning by sharing and facilitates the synthesis of individual ideas into group understanding. As process ownership rests with the facilitator and content ownership with participants this program links powerfully to organizational reality.

LBC has underlined the principle of evolution rather than revolution as it works on the methodology of progressive learning.

Great leaders are not only able to craft winning competitive strategies, but also drive critical innovation, implement change, and create agile organizations that can succeed in complex markets. Hence to facilitate the all-round development of a leader, this program incorporates several best practices, tools, theories across all facets of leadership – leading self, leading others and leading organizations.



Leadership By Choice is structured around 5 dialogues (2 half days and 3 full days) and rolled out over 12 to 14 weeks for a group of 10 to 12 leaders known as leadership clusters.

LBC 360 – a 360 degree feedback tool is well integrated into this program as an important input for the individual development plan.

Every dialogue is highly interactive with a combination of theory, activities, exercises, action plans. The dialogue provides a platform for participants to challenge each other’s thinking.

The program is delivered by experienced accredited facilitators of CATS Academy India Pvt. Ltd. who create a platform for individual leaders to openly share their views, challenge their own self. They gain powerful insights for their self-development and understand how they want to leave a legacy as a leader.


This intervention is best suited for emerging leaders, high potential leaders up to senior middle management. Also it is ideal for investors, promoters, owners of SME’s and heads of business units.


“Leadership By Choice” is a distinctive program that clearly demonstrates a visible change in the behavior and thinking of leaders and their impact on organizations and teams by :-

  •   Aligning members of the organization towards vision, values, mission and strategy

  •   Identifying talent and managing the leadership pipeline

  •   Developing leadership capacity to face future challenges

  •   Enhancing trust within leadership team members

  •   Co-evolving leadership perspective and theories in the organizational context